Faculty Friday: Mrs. Sarah Moore

Music has the power to transport us. Hear a song you listened to in high school and all of the old emotions will come flooding back.

Who’s Ready for Some Fun With Mrs. Harvey?

For Mount Alvernia Academy’s Extended Day Program Director and longtime MAA community member, Mrs. Jan Harvey, it’s all about the children. “The children have always been my . . . my whole being . . . they are my life,” she smiled.

Meet our Front Desk Dynamic Duo

Every harbor must have a harbor master, and each air traffic control tower must have a chief. At Mount Alvernia Academy, we have a front desk dynamic duo, Mrs. Rita Riordan and Mrs. Kathleen O’Toole.

Faculty Friday: Divine Providence!

Mount Alvernia Academy Fifth and Sixth Grade Religion Teacher Mrs. Geary heard about Mount Alvernia Academy for the first time from a former colleague, who told her that working at MAA made her feel like she had “died and gone to heaven.”