Tips for Getting the Year Started Right

From a good breakfast in the morning to knowing it is okay to make mistakes, here are MAA’s Homeroom Teachers’ tips for a great start to the school year.

First Day & So Much Promise!

The first day of school brings a thrilling mix of emotions: happy, excited, jittery, giddy, and, as one Kindergartener said, “I don’t have butterflies in my stomach, I have little birds!” The school is buzzing with energy and the promise of another wonderful year. Indeed, there is much to be excited about for the 2018…

Spanish Class Sneak Peek

See what MAA students learned last year in Spanish class in this great video from Señora Rosado

April Fools!

April Fools Day is a week-long celebration of chicanery here at MAA.

Fifth Grade Service Project

We are proud of our Fifth Graders for living the MAA mission and sharing their gifts with others in need!