MAA Sixth Grader Publishes a Collection of Poetry

For MAA sixth-grader, Olivia, writing poetry has always been a passion. It started as a hobby, something to do after school and a good way to express emotions. She would sit down, write what came to mind, and slip her poems in a folder. As the folder began to swell, Olivia realized something, “I have a lot of these! Then the idea of writing a book became thrilling and being able to accomplish something like that drove me to write even more.”

Olivia’s hours of hard work and dedication culminated in her first, self-published book of collected poems, Unique. Her poems are complex and compact, packed with subtle emotion and weighty imagery. “I feel like poetry is such an amazing way to express yourself,” Olivia reflected. “I love using words to make beautiful metaphorical ideas and feelings.” Unique’s poems burst at the seams with quietly poignant metaphors. The collection balances moments of serenity and simple joy with deeply felt loss and longing, bringing to mind the poetry of Emily Dickinson and William Carlos Williams, two of her favorite poets.




Olivia did not just turn to the library stacks to find talented authors to emulate. “A lot of people in my family have published books,” she stated. “Some of my relatives helped me with the publishing process and two amazing authors offered to write blurbs for my book.” Olivia has enjoyed the publishing process and learned a lot about what it takes to get a book out on the shelves. Though the ink has barely dried on Unique, she has already begun to work on her second collection of poetry.

We cannot wait to read Olivia’s next collection and wish her the best of luck next year at Boston Latin School! Watch the video above to hear Olivia reading one of her favorite poems from her collection.

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