MAA 6th Grade Science Fair is a Success!

There are certainly many budding scientists at MAA, and their work was on display last Thursday for MAA’s 6th grade Science Fair. Students designed and performed their own, unique science experiments following the scientific method. Their projects ranged from testing the difference between cleats and sneakers and how light changes a picture, to concussions in contact sports, the power of electronic magnets, and musical moods.

The science fair is a fantastic stage for students to express their creativity and curiosity as well as expand on what they have learned in class about biology, chemistry, and physics. During the school day, they presented their findings to MAA’s 4th and 5th graders and in the evening to their parents as well as a few MAA alumni. “They did a great job presenting and putting into practice what they learned in class about experimentation!” said MAA’s science teacher, Mrs. Maria Lyons.

We are so proud of our 6th graders and all they have accomplished. Because of their effort and enthusiasm, we all learned something new last week! Thank you to Mrs. Lyons for planning such a fun event and to our community members who came to support our student scientists.

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