Faculty Friday: Mrs. Adrienne Greene

Mount Alvernia Academy’s Preschool is a happy place. Step through the front door, and you will hear laughter, children playing, making new discoveries, and collaborating on exciting projects. Orchestrating our enthusiastic learners is a group of dedicated educators, many of whom sent their own children to MAA’s preschool. Though their children had to move on up to Kindergarten and beyond, they loved it so much they wanted to stick around! One such parent-turned-staff member is Mrs. Adrienne Greene.

Mrs. Greene fell in love with MAA’s preschool as a parent. “Both of my daughters had such great experiences here. I was so happy with all of their teachers and all they learned,” she said. When an opportunity became available, she jumped at the chance to join the preschool team. “I really wanted to be a part of this special place!” she exclaimed.

For Mrs. Greene, MAA offered the opportunity to stay close with a place she felt connected to as a parent and interact with a dynamic age group. “Everything is a learning experience for them. It is so exciting for me to see the children learn something new,” she smiled. From writing their names to learning how to use scissors properly, students are always exploring and discovering new skills. One thing that has stood out to Mrs. Greene as a parent and staff member is the perfect balance the preschool team strikes between play and learning. Students have opportunities to direct their own fun explorations with friends as well as participate in staff-led projects and lessons.

Woven into every lesson and free play time is social and emotional learning. “MAA’s preschool is such a nurturing place where the children not only learn academic and social skills, but they are also learning to be a good person at such a young age,” Mrs. Greene stated. Kindness, respect, and charity are the heartbeat of the preschool, and this spirit of kindness and cooperation extends beyond the classroom.

Both as a parent and staff member, Mrs. Greene has cherished the open and welcoming community at MAA, “People are always willing to help each other in any way they can. I love going to events that the school holds throughout the year because so many people attend, and it really shows how strong the community is.” Thanks to our wonderful staff members like Mrs. Greene, MAA is so much more than just a preschool, it is a welcoming and open community where all feel like part of the family.  

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