Celebrating the Life of Mrs. Pamela Quinn

Today, our community celebrated the life of our beloved art teacher, Mrs. Pamela Quinn, who passed away earlier this year. New friends and old gathered for a celebration of life to remember her love for teaching and how she generously shared her gifts with others. Mrs. Quinn was truly a remarkable teacher. The MAA community was blessed to have her as its art teacher for forty-four years. But it wasn’t the number of years teaching that made her so remarkable. It was how she lived, every day, for those forty-four years, which made her so inspiring.

For Mrs. Quinn, teaching and art was not a profession but a mission or better yet a passion. Mrs. Quinn loved art. Every day, she made her way purposefully to the art loft. She used to carry at least two bags, one on each hand. On her right, she would carry the things she needed for school, while on the other, another bag containing a special project she was working on to give away as a gift. Mrs. Quinn’s generosity and her thoughtfulness were often seen and attested to by her students and colleagues. She viewed her classroom “the art loft” as a place where not only knowledge of art could be taught, but a place where respect can and should be felt as well.

Mrs. Quinn will surely be missed by her colleagues, her students, and our community and most especially her family. What consoles us now is the knowledge that she is with God and able to enjoy the same love she so generously gave and showed to the world through her life. Thank you to her family for joining us to celebrate her life today, to her friends and colleagues who spoke about Mrs. Quinn at our celebration of life Mass, and students as well as faculty who participated in our liturgy.

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