Mount Alvernia Stands Together Against Bullying

Today is Blackout Bullying Day at MAA. The day of awareness and action kicked off with a presentation by MAA’s Student Council, accompanied by a video from the Boston Sports Museum’s “Boston vs Bullies” project. The video helped students learn how to identify and stop bullying through short interviews with some true Boston all-stars like the Patriots’ Patrick Chung, the Celtics’ Evan Turner, the Red Sox’s Mookie Betts, and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman.


Additionally, a representative from the “Boston vs Bullies” project stopped by campus to speak with our students about the importance of empathy, standing up against bullies, and creating a loving and caring school environment. She discussed the lasting effects bullying can have on fellow students and implored our children to always think about how others feel, including bullies, who are often mean to others because they feel sad themselves. Through understanding one another and being kind, students can not only help targets of bullying but also help those who bully find love and acceptance.


In between each video, MAA’s Student Council put on skits that illustrated the harm bullying does and how to stop it from happening. One of the many excellent skits put on by Student Council members was a performance of the children’s book One by Kathryn Otoshi. The story tells the tale of how it only takes one person to stand up against bullying and how their example can lead to a happier and more welcoming community.


At the end of the presentation, our students stood up and together made a pledge against bullying and signed a banner that will hang in the school cafeteria. A huge thank you to Susan Roche from the Boston Sports Museum for joining us today and to Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. McCafferty for working with our students to organize this important event.

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