Why I Give: Partners in Education

By Katherine Conway

Our family’s connection to Mount Alvernia Academy (MAA) began in 1993 when I entered Fourth Grade. Of all my school years, my time spent at MAA was by far my favorite. I have so many wonderful memories of my time as a student here. The sense of community was unparalleled as was the strong academic foundation and character education that I received.

With the birth of our sons, Luke (First Grade) and Liam (Kindergarten), we knew that MAA was where we wanted our boys to be educated. We were living in Dublin, Ireland when they were born, and it was a priority for us to relocate back to Boston in time for them to attend MAA’s Preschool.

The move was well worth it! MAA is everything I recollected it to be and more. It continues to foster an academically challenging environment with a strong emphasis on the moral, physical, and social growth of students. Rooted in Franciscan and Catholic tradition, MAA provides a strong foundation for its students, and a loving community for parents, alumni, faculty, and staff. We have watched our sons become more confident and Rob and I have found lifelong friends here. This community has become our second family.

Because MAA has become so much more than a school to our family, we take every opportunity we can to give back and contribute. Whether it’s volunteering at school events like Harvest Fest or donating to the Annual Fund, giving is an opportunity for us to invest and participate in a community that we love. Furthermore, we know that our donations and time help other families feel welcome and their children grow academically, socially, and spiritually. We are partners in this journey to provide a nurturing and challenging environment for our students.

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