MAA Parent & Patriots QB Mr. Brian Hoyer Visits Campus

Mount Alvernia Academy students were treated to an inspiring talk yesterday morning by MAA parent and Patriots quarterback, Mr. Brian Hoyer. Amid a sea of red, white, and blue Patriots gear, Mr. Hoyer spoke to our students about what it is like to be an NFL player and the value of hard work.

A product of Catholic education, Mr. Hoyer told students about the most valuable lesson he has learned over the course of his career: work hard, do your best, and have fun. “Nothing ever comes easy unless you really work for it,” he told the packed auditorium. “You have to work hard and do your best every day. Even when you work hard and do your best, though, sometimes things don’t work out, but you have to keep working hard and trying.  And don’t forget to have fun!”

It was great advice for our students as they near the halfway point of the year. Hard work and dedication are the keys to success whether you are a first-grade student or a professional football player. And, as Mr. Hoyer said, have fun while you are working! Mr. Hoyer also stressed the importance of playing multiple sports. As a child, he played basketball, baseball, golf, and football.

Following his talk, Mr. Hoyer answered some hard-hitting questions from our students, including “do you enjoy Greek food?” as well as some thoughtful questions. One student asked, “what do think about when you see your family in the stands?” For Mr. Hoyer, his wife and children are the most important thing and said he always makes sure to wave at them when they attend games. Before leaving the locker room, the last thing he does is put on his cleats, which he had specially made with his children’s names stitched inside.

After answering questions, Mr. Hoyer passed around some of his equipment for our students to see, including his cleats, a game ball, and his super bowl jerseys. We are thankful for all of our parents who share their gifts and talents with the MAA community and Home & School for their help yesterday. Thank you to Mr. Hoyer for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his experiences with us. Go, Patriots!

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