MAA Alumnus Returns to Lend a Helping Hand

For former MAA student, Matthew Barron (pictured above in BC t-shirt), MAA has always been a special place. What stands out most from his time here is the community, one he values to this day. “I’m thankful for the relationships I built and fostered here. I was able to keep close connections with a bunch of friends from MAA. The special environment MAA creates allows you to make lasting friendships.”

Now a Junior at Boston College, Matthew is right across the street from MAA. When he started looking for volunteering opportunities, he knew exactly where to go. “I volunteered here during my senior year of high school, and my older brother had volunteered here while in college; so I always knew I wanted to come back. Ten years removed, it remains a special place that I want to be part of,” Matthew said.

Matthew volunteers with the BC’s MAA Make a Difference program, helping Coach Patrick Shannon on a weekly basis. “I enjoy working with students,” Matthew said. “I was a camp counselor for three years and really wanted keep doing working with kids this age.” Walking into the gym every week is a fun reminder of his times here at MAA. Things have changed since Matthew was a student, though some of the changes are a matter of perspective. “When I came back and walked into the gym, it seemed so much smaller than I remembered,” he laughed. “I remembered it being enormous.”

A History major and Hispanic Studies and Finance minor, Matthew is following intellectual passions he discovered while at MAA. He remembers loving history even then and enjoys the challenges it offers now. He picked up his Hispanic Studies minor as a way of staying in touch with his family’s history and culture. “My mom’s family is Venezuelan, and I wanted that outlet to stay connected to her heritage,” he said.

As for that Finance minor, Matthew is already putting it to good use. He is currently working with a new Boston College-based Ed Tech startup called BusWays, which works with school districts to create a more efficient and safer transportation system. “I really enjoy it! I have an opportunity to make decisions that matter and gain real experience helping run a business.”

Matthew began his academic journey here at MAA, almost 15 years ago, and, through hard work and determination, his path has taken him some incredible places. No matter where he has been, though, he fondly remembers his time here on the hill. We are thrilled that he is still an active member of our community. Thank you, Matthew!

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  1. srsuzanne says:

    Wonderful role model for us all thanks Matthew for your serviceSr Suzanne

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