Ms. Kayser’s Book Fair Recommendations

The Scholastic Book Fair is here! Not only are the children excited, but so is Ms. Kayser! Here are three book choices that she thinks students will enjoy:

The Three Little Superpigs, a picture book written and illustrated by Claire Evans

Have you ever wondered what happens after a story ends? The Three Little Superpigs is a picture book continuation of the fairy tale classic, as envisioned by Claire Evans. The story picks up right where the tale left off: with the wolf going down the third pig’s chimney. Fortunately, he is captured and taken to prison. While he plots his revenge, the three pig siblings are celebrated as superheroes in their town of Fairyland. The delightful illustrations include cameos by Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Goldilocks, the Gingerbread Man, and the Three Blind Mice. Tensions escalate when the wolf escapes and the superpigs must solve the town-wide mystery of the missing bricks. What is the wolf planning? Will the pigs be able to defeat him again? The paperback is available for purchase ($5.99 + tax).

The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal, a non-fiction picture book written and illustrated by Nick Seluk

Seluk writes The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal as if he’s speaking directly to the reader. He uses varying font sizes, captions, and word bubbles to provide facts about our solar system. The book discusses the sun, planets, lunar cycle, solar eclipse, and seasons. Little Pluto reminds us “I’m still here!” Droplets in the water cycle exclaim, “Woo-hoo!” A plant experiencing photosynthesis comments, “Dirt is awesome.” This book is a great introduction for new scientists or a fun review for students of all ages. The paperback is available for purchase ($5.99 + tax).

Resistance, a middle school novel written by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Jennifer A. Nielsen’s book Resistance is an immersive piece of historical fiction. The main character Chaya is a Jewish teenager living in Poland while it is being occupied by Nazis. Chaya’s difficulties are compounded with stressful decisions and life-threatening situations. This book of courage and determination expands the reader’s perspective and helps establish a realistic background for students’ history discussions, especially sixth graders who will be learning more about the Holocaust with Ms. Lawhorn later this school year. The paperback is available for purchase ($7.99 + tax).

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