Student Council Gets October Calendar Sale Rolling

At MAA, students are challenged to take charge of service projects. The school’s Student Council Officers, a body of 17 representatives from grades five and six, are responsible for organizing the events and leading their fellow students in living our school’s children’s mission statement: “God made me to live, not just for myself, but to share my gifts with others. I will follow in the footsteps of Jesus, Saint Francis, and Saint Clare to make the world a better place.”

This September, Student Council launched one of our school’s longest running service projects, the Outstanding October Calendar Sale. Council members have been hard at work designing posters to drum up sales and engage their fellow students. Proceeds from the calendars, $5.00 each, goes to Thanksgiving baskets that will be donated to project Care and Concern in Dorchester.

Of course, the Student Council added a little twist to the calendar sales. Every student who purchases a calendar is entered to win a host of fun prizes for them and their classmates. Prizes include a no uniform day, a sweatshirt day, no homework for one homeroom subject, sports that day, and extra recess. As one former student told Mrs. McCafferty, “it’s like the March Madness raffle, except for kids!”

For MAA’s Student Council Publicity Officers, Mairead (Grade 5) and Sophia (Grade 5), the October calendar sale offers an opportunity to embrace the Thanksgiving spirit: “Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and to help others — by doing the calendar sale we are keeping that tradition alive!” Mairead said. “It’s important to help those in need and it’s exciting and fun for students to have a chance to win prizes,” Sophia smiled.

The calendar sales will continue through the month of October, so don’t forget to buy one before it’s too late. A huge thank you to our Student Council Officers as well as Mrs. McCafferty and Mrs. Maria Lyons for their ever diligent oversight and spirited support of our Student Council.

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