St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day Mass

Today is the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Our students, faculty, staff, and family members came together this morning to celebrate the founder of the Franciscans and the patron saints of our school, St. Francis and St. Clare. Student Council members assisted Father Baldovin, S.J. during the Liturgy doing readings, prayers, and singing.



This is a special event not only because of our identity as a Franciscan School but also because it marks the beginning of another school year, reminding us, as the President of Student Council said, that “St. Francis taught us to love all things that God has created. St. Francis praised God for all living things great and small, and today we praise and glorify God for all the gifts He has given us.”


The Feast Day of St. Francis is also a special day for our community because the Joan T. Sullivan Scholarship, Noreen Maddox Scholarship, and Margaret Luciano Scholarship are awarded. These three scholarships are presented to students who are hardworking, display great attitudes, and are helpful, exemplifying the spirit of St. Francis.


We congratulate the students who earned the scholarships and thank those generous community members who support them. Thank you to all faculty and students who made this liturgy so special.



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