Seussical the Musical was a Smash Hit!

We could not be more proud of all of our amazing students, the stage crew, and all the heroic staff members who helped make this year’s spring musical, Seussical the Musical, such a sensation. We had a great crowd Thursday night cheering on our actors; we could definitely feel the energy!

Our Sixth Graders were the stars of the show, playing all of the lead roles, crafting the set, and making sure everything ran smoothly backstage. There would be no Whos in Whoville, though, without our enthusiastic and adorable First Graders, who filled the role of Whos perfectly. And wasn’t the chorus fabulous? Thank you to our Fifth Graders for singing loud and clear for all to hear.

A special thank you to Mrs. Sarah Moore and her husband, Justin Moore, for spearheading this production and preparing the children so well. The show would not have gone on without our resident superheroes: Mrs. Kathleen Hall, Ms. Jennifer Lawhorn, Sister Irene Laurence, Mrs. Barbara Plunkett, Mrs. Maria Lyons, and Mrs. Maureen McCafferty. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Additional kudos go to Mrs. Hall, who designed the program and set. And, of course, thank you to all of our parents for encouraging your children to participate and making sure they were at every rehearsal.

Want to relive the day? The fantastic Mrs. Vail took some beautiful pictures that capture the joy and excitement of our students. Follow this link to view the gallery. Thank you again to our entire community for making the Spring show such a huge success!

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