Meet our Front Desk Dynamic Duo

Our front desk team ensures the seamless movement of traffic in, out, and around our school, coordinating everything from field trips to recess. Without them, well, let’s just say we would rather not think about life without the two incredible ambassadors who have been a part of our community for almost a quarter of a century.

“Mount Alvernia Academy has been part of my life for over 25 years. I cannot imagine anything better than driving up the hill every day,” smiled Mrs. O’Toole, MAA’s “SchoolSpeak Queen,” administrative assistant, and MAA emissary.

“I love the community here, especially the kids!” Mrs. Riordan laughed. “To be greeted every morning by the smile of a happy child makes my day complete,” said our fabulous administrative assistant, attendance guru, and jack-of-all-trades.

Both Mrs. Riordan and Mrs. O’Toole came to MAA for the first time as parents and immediately felt at home. “My fondest memories as a parent come from the sense of community here and knowing my three boys were safe when we dropped them off at school every day,” said Mrs. O’Toole. As a parent of three MAA graduates, she tries to be a resource for parents and students. “I love working with the children and watching them grow,” she stated. “I also enjoy working with the parents and sharing my own experiences with them in hopes that I may be helping them through these precious years.”

Mrs. Riordan will never forget the day she dropped her daughter off at MAA for her first day of Kindergarten. Almost 20 years later, she knows the ins-and-outs of the school’s every moving cog because she has worked in practically every corner of the school. She started as an assistant to our beloved Coach Dorothy McCormick and then became a Kindergarten aide before joining the front office team in 2016. “My 10 years in Kindergarten were fun-filled with meeting a new class of happy children every September,” she smiled.

If any two people know the love and comfort the MAA community can bring, it has to be Mrs. Riordan and Mrs. O’Toole. “I love my job. Everything that I do is rooted in the love and care that I have for Mount Alvernia Academy,” said Mrs. O’Toole. “What makes MAA so special are the outstanding educators and Franciscan influence that teaches all the children that they are loved and special and can make the world a better place,” asserted Mrs. Riordan. All of their hard work does not go unnoticed here, and they have most definitely become a part of the family. We are thankful to have such thoughtful and dedicated women running the front office!

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