MAA Class of 2012 Living the MAA Mission

“I remembered seniors coming to our classrooms when I was here and how much fun it was,” said Catholic Memorial senior Jake Moynihan, who is helping Ms. Cash’s Kindergarten class. Jake and three of his classmates are back on campus this month embracing the MAA spirit of service.

For St. Sebastian’s senior, Reid Walsh, who is helping Coach Shannon, it’s all about giving back to a school community he spent almost a decade in. “I had an awesome experience here — it was only right to come back to such a special place,” he said.

Catholic Memorial senior Cameron Daly, who is also volunteering with Coach Shannon, was excited to see some of his old classmates and relive some great memories from his days at MAA. “I’ll never forget playing outside with my friends around here after school,” he smiled. For fellow Catholic Memorial senior, Colin Johnston, helping out his Preschool teacher, Mrs. Kelley, and seeing Mrs. Plunkett again was a perfect way to bring things full circle before heading off to college. “It’s fun to hang out with the preschoolers and be here again,” he said. Patrick Duffy, also a senior at Catholic Memorial, who is volunteering with Joe Bernardi, remembers alumni coming back to help. “My siblings came here and I have always remembered kids coming back to do service and wanted to do the same,” he said.

We are so proud of all of our alumni and thankful for those who are carrying on the MAA mission and sharing their gifts at MAA this month!

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