Faculty Friday, Ms. Janine Kayser

Books have a unique power to transform and move us. For Mount Alvernia Academy Librarian, Ms. Janine Kayser, Dr. Seuss puts it best: “The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

“I love that quote,” She smiled.

“In the library, we make connections to other experiences, events, and cultures. Each book is a window into a new world, and each story that a child reads adds to his or her global perspective.”

For the past two years, Ms. Kayser has been opening doors into new worlds for the students at MAA. From learning the Dewey Decimal system to discovering ancient Rome, her library class allows students to unearth new books and hone research skills that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. “When students use the online card catalog to search for books, they are building on skills they will use throughout their academic careers, searching and citing information.”

Knowing the importance of research skills, Ms. Kayser makes it a point to collaborate with teachers. “I really enjoy working with my fellow teachers; they are all so committed to helping the students succeed.” That commitment to students and desire to team up to provide a dynamic education creates an incredible environment, one she cherishes. “I love the spirit of the community here at MAA,” she said. “It’s wonderful how the staff and families work together for the betterment of all the students.”

Nothing brightens Ms. Kayser’s day as much as when she sees a child light up with the joy of learning. “I spent years volunteering in my daughter’s school library and just loved seeing how excited the children were when they found books that interested them,” she said. “As a Graduate Fellow at the Regis College Library’s Nelson Education Resource Center, I played with the many exploratory ways that students can engage with information. I’m a curious learner and avid reader myself, and I hope that my enthusiasm is spreading to our students.” Just poke your head into the library and watch students crawl into their reading caves or spread out at a table to research a past president, and you will see how infectious Ms. Kayser’s joy for learning is.

The MAA spirit of unity and passion for learning became clear to Ms. Kayser the minute she set foot on campus. “From my first meeting with Barbara Plunkett and Maureen McCafferty, I knew that MAA was a special place,” she stated. “We had such a lovely conversation about how books create excitement and reinforce curriculum and broaden perspectives.” Thanks to Ms. Kayser, the students at MAA are discovering they can find magic wherever they look. “Just sit back and relax, all you need is a Book.” — Dr. Seuss

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