Faculty Friday: Welcome Home Mrs. Nappi!

There is nothing quite like coming home. The familiar smells and sounds remind you that, here, you are supported, cared for, and loved. Third Grade teacher, Mrs. Judith Nappi, had just such a homecoming this fall when she returned to teaching at Mount Alvernia Academy

“The MAA community is like a family,” she smiled. “It offers unwavering support and enthusiasm while sharing in the challenges and growth that learning and teaching have to offer.”

When she first arrived at MAA as a Kindergarten Teacher in 1999, Mrs. Nappi immediately recognized the strength of the community here. “It is a school that is so closely knit with the yarn of moral integrity and committed to the social, emotional, and academic growth of both its students and teachers,” she stated. When she left in 2005 to start her family, she held out hope that she would someday be able to return to MAA. When a Third Grade position became available this fall, she leaped at the opportunity to become part of the MAA community once again.

Mrs. Nappi possesses a quiet, humble confidence—a necessity for Kindergarten teachers and valuable tool that has served her well in her new role. She has taken the transition to a new grade level in stride, discovering the unique joys of teaching older students. “I have been loving the connections. I watch the students connect with texts and learn materials with a sense of curiosity and independence,” she exclaimed. “I love experiencing the personal connections with my students as they offer their unique strengths and challenges to the classroom community. It is so rewarding to watch these young learners take an interest in their own education.”

Mrs. Nappi’s love for teaching comes from her own experiences as a student. “I had many teachers who were effective at teaching me skills and subject matter, but there were a few whose simple lessons have had a direct impact on whom I strive to be as a teacher today.” Honest, caring encouragement is one of those things that her grade school teachers taught her can have an enduring impact on a student. “My Fourth Grade teacher called me a writer,” she reflected. “It was the simple acknowledgment that gave me the confidence and courage to see myself as a writer.” Spend but a few minutes around Mrs. Nappi, and you will recognize that her classroom also abounds with a positive, caring energy. The abiding support of the MAA community that she cherishes so much she generously gives back to her students and colleagues daily. Welcome home, Mrs. Nappi. We are thrilled you are back.

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